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Origin of Madness

From the bowels of earth and ash, the flames of evil are born from a spark of madness that itself is torn from the fabric of all that is known.

Madness of madness - pursued with a vision so wicked, so devilish, that this world has never truly known the true face of evil that now is shown in the light of heat that grows and burns as agony on the soils of this earth. As the fires rage. Nothing can contain the grinding, tearing, the insanity from the fires of tragedy that now consume this once peaceful town. It is from these fires, the hordes of soldiers, mutated and maligned arise. The blurred vision, choking, from the smoky flame remains etched in all those who have seen the frightening army born from these fires of the unknown. And as the vegetable hordes march on, carrying with them the violence and bloodshed only true madness can know, there are those who seek answers.

Those who seek the origin of where all this chaos was born. Thus, this collection has been compiled. To answer the questions, to trace out the origin of this madness. The fiendishness of Mad Scientist shall no longer be concealed, as this Origins of Madness Volume 1 begins to reveal just how the nightmare of The Vegetable Wars and its mad king came to be.

books in this series:
Origin of Madness issue 1
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“From the fiery pits in Valhalla, she arose. Burning with a fury that could only be quelled with blood...”