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Flight of the Valkyrie

From the fires of the unknown, is born a fierce spirit of revenge. A woman warrior imbued with all the hatred of a thousand screaming souls.

The Valkyrie brings these fallen voices a new found name. A name that rings out in the halls of justice. A sound that bellows forth in a resounding boom. A deep baritone, that reclaims what was stolen. That redeems what was thought to be lost.

Lost when the heavens opened up, and the blackened night did consume. The starlight vanished that wicked night. And in its place, a light. Leaving behind a bent, yet familiar form. The form of conquerors. Rulers. Astral Knights who each took the helm of the different realms of this world. One by one. Each a different part. A different piece. All part of the whole. The whole that was this world. The whole that was her life.

It was the power of the Knights that did bring this pain, and it is the power of the Knights that continues this reign of terror and despair.

Now only one woman stands, reborn. Fighting for justice. When no one else dares to even speak in defiance, it is her courage that breaks the silence. And with sword in hand, so shall she recall her lost and stolen land. For victory. For justice. For vengeance ever more. So shall she breathe the flames of these fires, fighting, killing, battling on! So shall she, until the last breath of evil has been expelled from this world.

books in this series:
Flight of the Valkyrie issue 1
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“In the shadows, the celery stalks...”