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In the town of Town, the people of Town’s favorite comic is Flight of the Valkyrie! A comic within a comic. A story within a story. Tales from beyond where sword and sorcery clash! Born from devilish death of fire and ruin, the Valkyrie is a fierce warrior with single purpose: revenge. Seeking revenge on the Astral Knights that killed her people. Slaughtered those she loved. Enslaved her world with iron-fist and mysterious magic of light and death. Valkyrie is a woman of little word, but of mighty valor. And she uses her courage, her strength to struggle through the multitude of evils that stand in her way. Nothing can stop her killing. Nothing can stop her avenging, Nothing can stop her winning but the demons that reside within her soul.

first appeared:
Flight of the Valkyrie issue 1

Flight of the Valkyrie issue 1
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